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Release Notes: Page 8

Your weekly software update

The following release notes cover the most recent changes in Finmatics software.
Release notes are displayed in descending order from the most recent release to the oldest.

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Release Notes 03.02.23

Improvement: Header data population through Purchase Orders Improvement: Download option for BMD BuErf and DATEV Stapelformat ZIP formats Improvement: Public API calculate reverse..

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Release Notes 20.01.23

Improvement: DATEV client sync compatibility Improvement: New naming scheme for direct download of invoices and images Bugfix: Edit button on Invoice Detail Screen not visible..

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Release Notes 13.01.23

Improvement: Increased performance and removed default filter from Transfers Screen Improvement: API query parameter “workflowState__in” for /documents and /e-invoices Smaller..

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Release Notes 23.12.22

Improvement: Upload order equals export order Improvement: Total amounts based on item amounts Improvement: Orientation detection of uploaded documents Improvement: DATEV Token..

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Release Notes 16.12.22

Feature: Allow creation of client collectives through the /clients endpoint Bugfix: Allow searching for Partner by typing in the VAT on the invoice detail screen Bugfix: BMD BuErf..

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Release Notes 11.12.22

Improvement: Allow synchronisation of individual DATEV clients Improvement: Allow any user to be assigned as responsible for a client Improvement: Allow multi-file-upload to..

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Release Notes 02.12.22

Improvement: Error Handling for DATEV client synchronisation Bugfix: VAT detection for client collectives Bugfix: Invoice history events in incorrect order Smaller Bugfixes and..

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Release Notes 25.11.22

Improvement: DATEV client synchronisation moved to background Improvement: Partner bank creation through API restrictions Improvement: Column order in invoice history Smaller..

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Release 22.11.18

Feature: Excel Report generation in the background Feature: Export of more than 300 invoices at the same time Bugfix: Deleted users now showing up properly in the invoice history..

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