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Release Notes 04.08.23

4. August 2023 | Finmatics Updates

Trainingscenter- FeatureNew Feature : Mandatory Field Customization    

Discover exciting enhancements and features in our latest release that optimize your experience with Finmatics. Learn all about the innovative "multiple ignore" feature in the Training Center, the handy document category filter option in the Invoice Overview, the smart update for document classification, and the flexible customizable mandatory field configuration in the Self-Service Workflow. Get more control and efficiency when using our platform and improve your workflows.

Training Center: New Feature "Multiple Ignore" for Training Tasks

We have developed a new feature that allows you to select multiple training tasks that are not relevant to your work on the Finmatics Training Center interface and ignore them during your regular workflow.

Your benefits

  • Efficient Work: Our customers can select and ignore multiple training tasks at once, speeding up their workflow.
  • Prioritization: By prioritizing urgent or important training tasks, our customers can work more effectively.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Customers can focus on relevant content within the Training Center, reducing distractions.
  • Simplified Task Management: This new feature makes it easier to manage generated training tasks and ensures better organization of training activities.

New Feature : Mandatory Field Customization

With the new invoice overview, customers now have the option to filter and display their invoices based on invoice categories in a tabular view. This feature allows Finmatics customers to search their invoice data with greater precision and focus. By filtering for specific invoice categories, they can quickly and effortlessly find the most relevant information for their needs.

Dynamic Category Update

Our new feature "Dynamic Category Update" improves the efficiency and accuracy of document classification. Previously, customers had to manually add new document types, which was time-consuming.

With the introduction of the Dynamic-Update for document categories, this effort is now a thing of the past. Newly added document types will be automatically included in the document classification, including existing documents. This ensures all relevant documents are categorized accordingly.

Your benefits 
  • More efficient document classification through automatic update of document types.
  • Time-saving as manual input of new document types is eliminated.
  • Improved classification accuracy, minimizing misclassifications.
  • More precise and comprehensive document categorization.
  • Streamlined workflows and increased efficiency.
    Better data organization and easier navigation within the document collection.

Self- Service Workflow: Mandatory Field Customization

We now offer a self-service workflow that we configure in the background for our customers. You can now set up new workflows yourself and take advantage of various customization options. With this new feature, we expand the possibilities of the self-service workflow. You can now decide which fields users must fill out, such as the cost category. This gives you more control over data quality and makes workflows more efficient.

Your benefits

  • Self-service workflow for flexibility and autonomy.
  • Customization of mandatory fields for better data quality.
  • Efficient workflows.
  • Increased control and customization options for customers.
  • Time-saving and improved user experience.

DATEV : Master Data - Client Screen

In order to improve the experience for our new customers we have added more information to our Clients Screen regarding Masterdata. If no Partners or Accounts are available for a client we now show further information on why this data is necessary for the best Finmatics experience and how it can be added.