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Release Notes

Welcome! The following release notes cover the most recent changes in Finmatics software.

Release notes are displayed in descending order from the most recent release to the oldest.

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Release Notes 23.06.02 (Upcoming)

As we enter the month of June, we would like to inform you about the latest developments and improvements in our Finmatics software. Our team has been continuously working on..

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Release Notes 23.05.26

We are excited to introduce you to our latest developments and improvements! Our team has worked hard to develop new features and optimize existing functions to enhance your..

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Release Notes 23.05.12

Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements

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RELEASE 23.05.10


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Release 23.04.28

Bugfixes and Improvements Bugfixes and Improvements We have improved our upload process to make sure that if “Automatic document separation” is manually disabled while uploading..

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Release 23.04.21

User Management - Compact and Extended fiel layout options Dcoument separation option extended to Quality-control service Feature - Text templates for the Note field Smaller..

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Release 23.04.14

User Management Improvements - Document Permissions Client Creation Improvements - Company and Country Preselection Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements   User Management..

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Release 2023.04.07

Rollout complete: New Restructure Screen Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements   Rollout complete: New Restructure Screen We have now rolled out our new Restructure Screen to all..

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Release 23.03.31

New Feature - show and change process in the restructure dialog Note field added to filter and search function on invoice overview screen Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements New..

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Release 23.03.24

User management improvements Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements User Management Improvements After releasing our new User management with user roles and improved permission..

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