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Release Notes: Page 4

Your weekly software update

The following release notes cover the most recent changes in Finmatics software.
Release notes are displayed in descending order from the most recent release to the oldest.

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Release Notes 10.11.2023

Finmatics Trainingscenter, Datev Improvements, Analytics Center, Improved UX (Mobile App), User Management , Data Performance Improvement, Notification Center

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Release Notes 03.11.2023

Account Number Prediction LLM, Remove warning from booking text, Sorting Screen Improvements, Training Center, Bugfix, New Transformer Modell, Notification Center

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Release Notes 14.10.2023

Enhanced UX for Mobile App, Training Center, Settings Screen, Analytics Center

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Release Notes 06.10.2023

New Client Filters, Personalized process colors (Beta) Innovations in Setting Screen (Beta), Bugfix DATEV, Optimization of User Interface

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Release Notes 15.09.2023

Effective Document Classification, Improved Display of Client Data, Updates in the Finmatics Public API

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Release Notes 01.09.2023

Improved prediction of header fielder, Bugfix

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Release Notes 25.08.23

New Enhancements Overview of Updates, Improved Notifications for Business Partners, Note Field for Client Comments, Bugfix

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Release Notes 18.08.23

Enhanced User Control, Swiss VAT- Resolution, API Bugfix Resolution

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Release Notes 11.08.23

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