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Release Notes: Page 5

Your weekly software update

The following release notes cover the most recent changes in Finmatics software.
Release notes are displayed in descending order from the most recent release to the oldest.

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Release 22.11.18

Feature: Excel Report generation in the background Feature: Export of more than 300 invoices at the same time Bugfix: Deleted users now showing up properly in the invoice history..

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Release 22.11.11

Feature: Automatic on demand activation of Line item extraction New Fields: Exchange rate and Exchange rate type API Improved: Better validation for CostCategoryID3-5 creation..

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Release 22.11.04

Feature: User impersonation for administrators - BETA Improved: Persistent filters with URL parameters Improvements and Bug fixes Feature: User Impersonation for Administrators -..

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Release 22.10.28

Redesigned: New User Permissions and administration options New Feature: Automatic document classification for incoming/outgoing documents - BETA Improved: Trigger to..

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Release 22.10.21

Upcoming Today Improved: New Invoice history design Improved: Show client number in front of client name Improved: Tooltips for table actions Improved: BMD - Cost Categories now..

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Release 22.10.14

New feature: Customizable filters for Invoice Overview Screen Improved: Standardkontorahmen for longer account numbers Improvements and Bugfixes

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Release 22.10.07

Improved: User Preferences for Table Layouts Are Now Saved Cross Device Improved: Added Filters and New Default Layout for Invoice Overview Screen Bugfix: Invoice Viewer Menu Now..

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Release 22.09.30

Improved: Invoice History new design and UX upgrade Bugfix: Trainingsdata upload with parameter “async” Improved: DATEV Connect Online Notifications and error messages

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Release 22.09.23

Improved VAT detection for Client Collectives Improved DATEV Connect Online Notifications and Error Messages Bugfixes, Improvements and Security Updates

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