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Release Notes 22.03.2024

21. March 2024 | Finmatics Updates

In these release notes, we inform you about the continuous innovations and improvements to the Finmatics software. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Current new features in this release:

Improved Capture Performance

In our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible automation, we've fine-tuned the default settings for capturing invoice documents. This adjustment is designed to enhance the capture performance especially for new clients.

Enhanced Settings Visualization

We've made significant improvements to how settings inherited from other levels are displayed on the settings screen. This update ensures a more intuitive and clear presentation, making it easier for users to understand the hierarchy and origin of their configuration options.

Enhanced Client Overview with Setup Status Filter

Building on the existing feature where we introduced a 'Setup Status' column in the client overview, we're taking it a step further to enhance your user experience. We have now included a filter for the Setup Status. This new functionality allows you to swiftly sort and view clients based on their setup completion stage, making it easier to identify and prioritize your actions.

In the screenshot below you can see the filters for the set-up status

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