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Release Notes 08.03.2024

7. March 2024 | Finmatics Updates

In these release notes, we inform you about the continuous innovations and improvements to the Finmatics software. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Current new features in this release:

Standardisation of "Responsible user" and extended filter for efficient task management

In this update, we have standardised the term "Responsible User" in our system to create a clearer user interface. In addition, the filter on the new task screen, which is currently in beta, has been expanded. These improvements are intended to increase user-friendliness and improve efficiency when managing tasks.

Here you can read more about how to add and change responsible users for a client.

Improved technical platform for smooth approval processes

We are pleased to inform you that we have improved the technical platform of our approval processes to provide you with an even more stable and reliable service delivery. With these improvements, you can rest assured that our approval processes will run smoothly and efficiently. This increased stability will help ensure that your workflows run without interruption. We will continue to work on continuously improving our platform to provide you with the best possible performance and reliability.

Here you can read more about invoice approval workflows.

Optimised text search for more efficient results

We have optimised the search function in the free text search to enable you to search in multiple fields more quickly and in a more user-friendly way. Instead of starting a new search with every letter entered, the search is now only triggered when, for example, a specific client is searched for. This improvement significantly increases the efficiency of your search processes, as fewer search queries are made. This improves the overall user experience as you receive the desired results more quickly.

Here you can find out how to adapt or filter the screen.