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Release Notes 05.04.2024

5. April 2024 | Finmatics Updates

In these release notes, we inform you about the continuous innovations and improvements to the Finmatics software. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Current new features in this release:

New in the Analytics Centre

Now you can easily see which user is responsible for which tasks or documents using the 'Responsible user' filter at client level. This makes it easier to search for a specific user's activities in different screens.

In this article you will find helpful information and videos on how to filter or adapt screens in the Analytics Centre.

New CoAs for Finmatics DATEV integration

We have been working on an extension of the supported standard charts of accounts for customers who use the Finmatics Automation Hub in combination with DATEV. Additional CoA are now available:

  • CoAR03

  • CoA04

  • CoA03 Doctors

  • CoA04 Doctors

  • CoA03 Hotels and restaurants

  • CoA14 Agriculture

  • CoA42 Associations

  • CoA45 Social institutions

  • CoA51 Motor vehicle industry

Here you can find more information on the administration of the CoAs: Which settings can I configure in the clients-screen under "General"?

Do you have questions about the respective CoAs? Please contact us at:


Performance improvements to the invoice approval workflow

We have made optimizations in the invoice approval workflow to reduce loading times.

In this article you can read more about how to configure the invoice approval workflow.


Bug fixes for service date and document detail screen in DATEV

We have made bug fixes in the handling of the "Service date" field for DATEV customers and in the "Document detail screen" in case many item dates are displayed.