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Release Notes 25.08.23

25. August 2023 | Finmatics Updates

New Enhancements Overview of Updates, Improved Notifications for Business Partners, Note Field for Client Comments, Bugfix

In these Release Notes, we provide information about the new features implemented in Finmatics, including the new 'Package' column for displaying in the used product in overview screens. Enhanced notifications for uploading business partners now offer more detailed information on import processes and furthermore, an individual note field for client comments that has been added, as well as a bug preventing the deletion of exported documents .

New Features and Enhancements: Overview of Updates

We have added a new column titled 'Package' to the overview screens for company, client, and document type packages in Finmatics. This column indicates the product our customers are using in Finmatics and displays the package set up at each respective level.

Extended and Improved Notifications for Uploading Business Partners in Finmatics
Notifications for uploading business partners using CSV/Excel files in the Finmatics frontend have been expanded and enhanced. These notifications now provide more information about the number of imported business partners and offer detailed explanations for cases where some may not have been added.

Improved Functionality: Note Field for Individual Client Comments
The client detail screen now includes a note field for each client. This field can be used to leave comments or other information about the client directly within Finmatics. The note field is visible to all users who have access to the client within the client screen.

Bugfix: Problem with Deleting Exported Documents in Finmatics
A bug has been fixed that was preventing users in some cases from deleting documents or batches that had already been exported in Finmatics. Users with the necessary permissions can now view, modify, and delete these documents.