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Release Notes 11.08.23

11. August 2023 | Finmatics Updates


Enhanced Multilingual Credit Note Detection, Innovations in Localization and Translations

In these Release Notes, we inform you about both the enhanced recognition of credit notes in various languages and the further improvement of localizations and translations.

Enhanced Multilingual Credit Note Detection: Improved Precision and Frequency

We have further improved our systems capabilities to detect credit notes across many languages. This means that the type of the document so debit note and credit note is now captured more often and precise

Your Benefits

  • Increased Accuracy: The improved credit note recognition in different languages ensures a more precise differentiation among various document types, such as invoices and credit notes.

  • Efficient Processing: Our customers benefit from quicker and more reliable document processing, leading to streamlined accounting and invoicing.

  • Time Savings: The automatic document type recognition spares Finmatics' customers manual checks and categorization, reducing both time and effort.

  • Versatile Application: The enhanced language recognition empowers customers to process documents in different languages without compromising accuracy.

Innovations in Localization and Translations

We are constantly improving the localisation and translations. In this update we have added and improved further translations to the Scandialog and Clients Screen.

Your Benefits
  • Efficient Interaction: With the optimized translations in the Scan Dialogue and Client Screen, Finmatics' customers can complete tasks more swiftly and interact more efficiently with the software.
  • Enhanced Comprehension: The precise translations in the Scan Dialogue and Client Screen ensure that customers better understand application features and can utilize them more effectively.
  • Competitive Advantage: Improvements in localization and translations grant customers a competitive edge by strengthening their ability to effectively utilize the application in global markets.