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Release Notes 21.07.23

21. July 2023 | Finmatics Updates

Enhancements to Business Partner ImportsImprovement of Invoice OrganizationResponsible Bookkeeper, Bugfix

In the latest update of Finmatics, we have adjusted the import function for the DATEV format, improved the alignment of twisted documents, and added an additional column in the customer management system for the "Responsible Bookkeeper". Additionally, the automatic scrolling feature simplifies invoice organization

Enhancements to Business Partner Imports: DATEV Format Updates & Improved Formatting in Finmatics

We've enhanced the import process for business partners using the DATEV Format in our frontend. Partners who are individuals, rather than companies, and are identified by their first and last names, will now be correctly formatted upon import. Once loaded into Finmatics, they will appear in the "lastname, firstname" format. Over the coming weeks, further updates will be rolled out, which include refinements to error messages that might arise during the import of business partners into Finmatics

Your Added Value

  • More efficient and precise data processing, leading to time savings and reduced correction efforts.
  • Reduced errors during import, ensuring the integrity and quality of data in Finmatics.

Feature Application

  • Business partners, who are considered as natural individuals rather than companies, are now imported into Finmatics in the "Last name, First name" format.
  • Users can look forward to improved error messages during the import process in upcoming updates.

Improvement of Invoice Organization: Automatic Scrolling

We've introduced a new feature to optimize your invoice organization. With this latest update, we've integrated automatic scrolling, which simplifies navigation and effortlessly reorders document pages.

'Responsible Bookkeeper' Column Added to the Customer Management System

We are pleased to introduce an exciting enhancement to our client management system. In response to valuable feedback from our users, we have added a new column showing the "Responsible Bookkeeper" directly in the client overview. This new feature provides you with a quick and convenient way to identify the assigned bookkeeper for each client within your organization.

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We have fixed a bug that could cause misaligned invoices to not be rotated properly in some cases. In addition to the Tools Finmatics offers to separate, rotate and assign invoices to processes, Finmatics can also detect if an invoice is rotated and correct the alignment automatically.