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Release Notes 14.07.23

15. July 2023 | Finmatics Updates

NEW: Improved visibility, Invoice history

In this release, we are introducing two major improvements: The "AI-Confirmation" for more efficient document processing and an updated view of clients in DATEV tokens for improved clarity and management of your clients. Both innovations aim to simplify your workday and increase your productivity.

NEW: Improved visibility and management of clients in DATEV tokens

The DATEV tokens view in Finmatics has been improved to display a list of all available clients per token. Now, you can directly see the number of available clients in the "Clients" column.

Datev Token Übersicht

Your Added Value
This update enhances transparency and user-friendliness by clearly displaying the availability of clients in each DATEV token without the need to synchronize data.

Feature Application
In the interfaces section, users can expand and view the list of clients per DATEV token. You can find more information on activating the DATEV token in the Help Center:

Invoice History now includes AI Approval Events

We have added a new event to our invoice history that shows if the Finmatics AI was able to do a first approval of an invoice automatically. An invoice that was verified by AI, has all the basic invoice fields populated meaning only accounting and additional optional fields have to be populated by hand.

invoice history