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Release Notes 15.09.2023

15. September 2023 | Finmatics Updates
Effective Document Classification, Improved Display of Client Data, Updates in the Finmatics Public API

In these release notes, as usual, we inform you about the technical innovations and improvements in Finmatics software. This includes a new update for more efficient document classification, effective bug fixes for improved display of client data, and important updates in the Finmatics Public API.

Efficient Document Classification: New Update Optimizes AUTO Document Type and Enables Manual Assignment

We are continuing to improve the process to get our BETA Feature the Document classification ready for a general Release. In this update we are making sure that customers who are using the AUTO Process can work through their invoices eaiser. If an invoice could not be assigned to the correct process, we now warn the user, so they can assign them and then finish their restructure tasks

Your Value Proposition
  • Enhanced efficiency in automatic document classification.
  • Optimized AUTO document type for smoother use.
  • Built-in alerts to ensure no documents are overlooked.
  • Option for manual document assignment for maximum accuracy.
  • Increased productivity in task processing.
  • Preparation for a full release of the document classification feature.

Bug Fix: Improved Display of Client Data During Quick Switching

We have fixed an issue that could cause the client detail screen to sometimes display incorrect data when switching between clients in quick succession. There were no issues with the data itself and the screen now correctly displays the selected client-data.

More Precise Filters in the Finmatics Public API for Exact Matches

We have updated a few filters in the Finmatics Public API to be exact instead of checking if the data is part of the field. Specifically the filters orderNo, vat and vatin now check for exact matches in the api. This affects the purchase_orders, documents, e-invoice and partners endpoints. More information about the public API can be found here: