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Release Notes 23.06.23

23. June 2023 | Finmatics Updates

In these release notes, we present exciting updates and improvements. Learn more about our improved accuracy display, extended options in the invoice overview, the integration of eVAT identifiers, and numerous bug fixes that make your work with our platform even more efficient.

User Interface: Readout Accuracy

We have introduced a new symbol and an information bubble for explaining the AUTO process. In addition, we have introduced a smiley symbol that indicates the accuracy of the automatic assignment on a three-tier scale: Green for very accurate, Orange for moderately accurate, and Red for not very accurate.

Enhanced AUTO Process with Accuracy Indicator and Interactive Icons

There's a new icon that appears next to the "AUTO" process and disappears after the AUTO mode has been used five times. A smiley icon is also displayed next to the "AUTO" process to signal the process's accuracy:
  • green (smiling) for an accuracy above 90%,
  • yellow (neutral) for an accuracy between 75% and 90%
  • red (sad) for an accuracy below 75%.
An information icon with a tooltip explains this feature.




Enhanced User Interface for Automatic Invoice Assignment

We now display the description of labels in addition to the title in the invoice overview. This makes it more convenient to filter and search for invoices with specific labels.

Display of Label Descriptions in the Invoice Overview

We now display the description of the labels in the invoice overview in addition to the title. This makes it more convenient to filter and search for invoices with specific labels.

Integration of eVAT Identifiers for Business Partners

We now accept eVAT identifiers for business partners and use this information for assigning business partners. Please note that we cannot provide VAT checks for eVATs (starting with "EU", "IM", or "IN") as these identifiers are not regular VAT IDs.

Bugfix: Invoice Period

We fixed a bug where the invoice period remained empty in certain exceptional cases. The fix now ensures that the period gets filled based on the upload date if no period was provided during the transfer and we could not determine the invoice date.

Bugfix: Swiss VAT- ID

We fixed a bug where we did not allow the export of invoices with Swiss VAT-IDs when the VAT-ID was provided in a specific format.

Localization and Translation Improvements

Additional localization and translation improvements have been implemented, particularly in the area of business operations.

Bugfix: DATEV Document Imaging Service
The DATEV export via the document imaging service has been improved. This fixed, among other things, a very rare error that could cause a document to be exported twice.

General Improvement: Expansion of Trash Overview - Addition of 'Note' and 'Comment' Columns

We have added two columns to the trash overview. The new "Note" and "Comment" columns make it easy to see why a document was deleted.

NEW: Improvement of Business Partner Customization

It is now possible to manually delete the bank details of business partners. Thus, bank data can be created, edited, and deleted in the client screen. Typically, this process is mostly carried out through the Finmatics API. With this adjustment, we offer our customers additional flexibility in managing their master data.

Customizing business partner data enables companies to personalize their relationships and streamline processes. It not only improves communication by targeting the preferred communication channels of partners, but also supports risk management by highlighting specific financial or operational risks.