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Release Notes 16.06.23

16. June 2023 | Finmatics Updates

Welcome to the latest improvements and updates from Finmatics! We've been working on some exciting new features, including an updated branding of our mobile app, enhancements to our scan dialog, and several bug fixes to make your user experience smoother and more productive. Here are the highlights:

(Bugfix ) : DATEV

We have fixed a bug that, in rare cases, could cause the export of business partners in DATEV format to fail if the client number was atypical.

(Bugfix) : Scan & Trenn

We have fixed a bug that, in some cases, could cause invoices to be temporarily locked when attempting to restructure them.

NEW:  Improvement of Scan Dialog

We have further improved our scan dialog by clarifying what information needs to be provided before documents can be scanned for a client.

Scan dialogs enhance the user experience by providing an intuitive interface for customizing scan parameters. They improve efficiency by allowing precise scan area selection and facilitate file management with options for output format and save location. In essence, they offer a blend of control, efficiency, and simplicity that tailors the scanning process to the user's specific needs.

(Mobile App): Branding Feature

In our latest release, we have a noteworthy feature for users who have purchased the activated branding option. With this upgrade, their distinct logo will now appear on the login screen and homescreen of our mobile app.


Brand Image Release Notes

This personal touch is a testament to our commitment to offer a tailored user experience and emphasizes the importance we place on customization in our app interface.