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Release Notes 12.05.23

12. May 2023 | Finmatics Updates

Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements

Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements

  • We have added new algorithms to further improve the quality of invoice data capturing for line items.

  • We have further improved our implementation of the DATEV Format that can be downloaded in the frontend.

  • We have updated the DATEV Token dialog to make it better understandable and more informative.

  • We have added a new field partnerBankIban to the /documents endpoint in the Finmatics REST API
    This field includes the iban for the selected partner on an document if available.
    Find out more about the Finmatics REST API:

  • We have fixed a bug that could cause Swiss VAT Numbers to sometimes not be captured correctly if it included non alphanumeric characters.

  • We have further improved some of our email notifications.

  • Localisation and translation improvements.