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Release Notes 10.11.2023

10. November 2023 | Finmatics Updates

Finmatics Trainingscenter, Datev ImprovementsAnalytics Center, Improved UX (Mobile App), User Management , Data Performance Improvement, Notification Center

In these release notes, we inform you as usual about the technical innovations and improvements to the Finmatics software.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

Finmatics Trainingscenter

Our highly efficient Finmatics AI currently reaches an automation rate of over 80%. This will now be further optimized and expanded with the introduction of our Training Center.

The Training Center enables our customers to exert a precise influence on the AI training processes and, in particular, to actively train and sustainably influence special accounting cases.

In the Finmatics Training Center, you can now train the Finmatics AI using keywords that are marked and linked to specific content in a context-related manner, providing you with a more efficient and reliable solution for invoice processing.

Your added value

Time saving: The Training Center allows you to further increase your automation rate and save time.

Flexibility: You can give the machine precise instructions for processing invoices in order to automate even complex special cases.

DATEV Improvement for document type "Sonstige"  

To better accommodate the usecase of the DATEV process "Sonstige" we have adapted how it is handled in Finmatics. Documents that are uploaded in the process "Sonstige" are now always exported only as an image and without any additional data to DATEV Belege/Unternehmen Online.

MicrosoftTeams-image (20)

Figure 1: Adjustments to the "Sonstige" document type

This will allow an easier use and transfer of documents for this process from Finmatics to DATEV. This change will be available retroactively for all existing DATEV Processes "Sonstige" and all new "Sonstige" processes that are synchronised with Finmatics.

Analytics Center (Closed Beta)

In the Finmatics Analytics Center, you are shown charts summarizing important data, such as the automation of individual invoice fields. This allows you to get an overview of the usage of Finmatics and optimize it. This feature is currently in Closed Beta status.

core.release.finmatics.dev_de_(custom)Figure 2: The Finmatics Analytics Center

Improved UX in the mobile app for customers with the invoice hub package

The user experience (UX) of the home screen and the invoice details screen in the mobile app for customers with the " Invoice Hub" package has been improved.

MicrosoftTeams-image (23)MicrosoftTeams-image (24)MicrosoftTeams-image (22)

Figure 3: Improved UX of the Finmatics mobile app

User Management: New function "Deactivate user"

Users can now not only be deleted, but also deactivated. This new function makes it possible to temporarily deactivate users and reactivate them at a later date instead of permanently deleting them.

Database Performance Improvements

We implemented database performance improvements to enhance the stability and reliability of our system.

Notification Center

The Notification Center has now been activated for all customers and is therefore available to everyone.

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