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Release Notes 03.11.2023

4. November 2023 | Finmatics Updates

Account Number Prediction LLMRemove warning from booking textSorting Screen Improvements, Training Center, Bugfix, New Transformer Modell, Notification Center

In these release notes, we inform you as usual about the technical innovations and improvements to the Finmatics software.
We hope you enjoy reading them.

Account Number Prediction with LLM  (Closed Beta)

We have increased the accuracy of account number prediction by over 10% with the assistance of large language models. Customers with support packages (bronze, silver, gold) will be the first to receive this feature. We are now beginning the rollout

Change: Remove warning for booking text

Based on customer feedback, it was determined that the warnings on booking text were not useful. As a result, these warnings have been deactivated.

Sorting Screen Improvements 

We renamed the 'Trennen' screen to 'Sorting' and enhanced performance for document type changes.

MicrosoftTeams-image (16) (1)
Figure 1: Improvement of the sorting screen

Training Center - Performance Improvements

In response to customer feedback, we've enhanced the performance of the training center. This feature will be available to all customers as part of the Automation Center package by 15.11.

Bugfixes: Analytics Center (Closed Beta)

Feedback from the closed phase has led to numerous bug fixes, including notable changes in colors within the automation plot.

New Transformer Model for Data Capture

We've fine-tuned our transformer model, resulting in a 10% accuracy improvement compared to the previous model. This enhances automation for fields like invoice numbers, invoice dates, amounts, and tax percentages. The roll-out begins with customers on bronze, silver, and gold packages. Expected general release by the end of November

Notification Center Update

We've added a new notification settings screen in which you can choose the tasks for which you'd like to receive email notifications. Currently in closed beta, with a general release expected at the end of November.

MicrosoftTeams-image (15) (1)Figure 2: New notifications screen