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Release Notes 14.10.2023

24. October 2023 | Finmatics Updates

Enhanced UX for Mobile App, Training CenterSettings Screen, Analytics Center

In these release notes we inform you as usual about the technical innovations and improvements of the Finmatics software. We hope you enjoy reading them. 

Every feature is flagged with the respective stage. For clarification, what we mean by "Alpha", "Closed Beta", "Beta" and "General Release", here the definitions: 

  1. Alpha: Availability for Finmatics employees only - ask your account manager or digital transformation consultant for a sneak peak, will come soon. 
  2. Closed Beta: Accessible to a select group of pilot customers.  
  3. Beta: Available to all customers with premium support packages upon request, though as a beta, bugs are anticipated; we appreciate your feedback during this phase. Highlighted with "Beta" tag in the frontend. 
  4. General Release: Extensively tested and now available to all customers, ensuring a seamless experience.

Seamless Access and Enhanced UX: Redesigned Login Screen and Mobile App (General Release)

We revamped the login screen on our mobile app, alongside several UX enhancements for smoother navigation. Furthermore, we introduced pointers within our web application for accessing the complimentary mobile app, promoting a seamless transition and enriched engagement across web and mobile platforms.

Discover the full scoop in our Help Center Article.

Figure 1: New design of the Finmatics log-in screen in the mobile App. 

Training Center (Beta Feature): Enhancing Performance Based on User Feedback 

The Training Center allows accountants to increase automation by providing easy training for the Finmatics AI. In this release, we addressed and resolved bugs to ensure a seamless user experience. The release to all customers is planned for the end of October

Find more information  in this Help Center Article

Settings Screen (Closed Beta): Immediate package change

The new settings screen (closed beta) allows users to change automation and interface settings in a self-service environment. In this release, we added a feature for immediate package changes to enhance the user experience.

The beta release is planned for the beginning of November.

Analytics Center: Tailored Automation Insights with New Filters (Closed Beta)

The Analytics Center is a new screen where customers can access a wide range of features. In this release, we introduced new filtering options for clients and companies to provide a more personalized analysis. We are continuously refining it based on user feedback to meet the diverse analytics needs of our users.

This feature is currently in closed beta, with the beta release planned for the beginning of November.