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Release 22.09.30

30. September 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • Improved: Invoice History new design and UX upgrade
  • Bugfix: Trainingsdata upload with parameter “async”
  • Improved: DATEV Connect Online Notifications and error messages

Improvement: Invoice History New design and UX Upgrade - BETA

We have started our project to make the invoice history easier to read and to greatly improve it’s structure. In this first update we have adapted some of the most common events that can be found in the history like the edit event. These events are now presented more readable and in a structured table. This is only the first step and we are striving to improve it a lot more in the coming weeks.


Bugfix: Missing Data When Uploading Trainingdata Through API With Parameter “async"

We have fixed a bug that caused some data like costCategories to not be correctly added in some cases when uploading trainingdata to our system through the api using the parameter “async”


Improvement: DATEV Connect Online Notifications and Error Messages

We have received a lot of feedback from our customers and with that were able to improved our notifications and error messages for our DATEV Connect Online customers. The localization was also updated meaning customers will now see the messages in their main language if available.