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Release Notes 28.04.23

28. April 2023 | Finmatics Updates
  • Bugfixes and Improvements

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • We have improved our upload process to make sure that if “Automatic document separation” is manually disabled while uploading documents our Quality Control will also not separate the uploaded batch.

  • We have further improved last weeks new “Text templates for the Note field” feature to work with different field layouts in the invoice detail screen.

  • We have improved some discrepancies between recently edited invoices and the data for it shown in the invoice overview screen

  • We have fixed a bug that could cause date fields on the invoice detail screen to update incorrectly if the day or month was edited manually and not through the date picker.

  • We have fixed a bug that could cause a client to be incorrectly predicted as the business partner for an invoice in some specific cases.

  • We have fixed a bug that could cause the “more options” button in the User Management screen to not be visible on some screensizes.

  • We have further improved some error messages

  • Localisation and translation improvements