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Release Notes 21.04.23

21. April 2023 | Finmatics Updates
  • User Management - Compact and Extended fiel layout options

  • Dcoument separation option extended to Quality-control service

  • Feature - Text templates for the Note field

  • Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements


User Management - Compact and Extended Invoice Layouts

We have added the option to change the layout of the invoice detail screen between the compact and the extended view. These options are now available in the user management when inviting or editing users and also in the account screen for you own user.

  • The Compact layout shows all fields to the right side of the invoice allowing for a good view of the invoice image

  • The Extended layout shows header fields to the right of the invoice while items are listed below the invoice allowing for a more efficient way of working with many invoice items


Automatic Document Separation Option Extended to Quality-Control Service

The configurations if invoices should be separated automatically when transferring them to Finmatics now also extend to our Quality-control service. This means that documents transferred this way will in no case be separated by Finmatics.

Feature - Text Templates for the Note field

We have added the option to add text templates for the Note field. This allows our customers to quickly add frequently used Comments to the note field and work even more efficient.
These templates can either be added through the Finmatics Public API or through our Technical Services team.



Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements

  • We have added a new icon and more visual information for the new automatic document classification process which is currently in closed beta

  • We have fixed a minor formatting bug with specific characters for the BMD BuErf export

  • We have added and further improved a few error messages