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Release Notes 03.02.23

3. February 2023 | Finmatics Updates
  • Improvement: Header data population through Purchase Orders

  • Improvement: Download option for BMD BuErf and DATEV Stapelformat ZIP formats

  • Improvement: Public API calculate reverse charge tax amounts

  • Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements


Improvement: Header Data Population Through Purchase Orders

We have added a configuration that allows the automatic population of header fields like Partner, exchange rate and currency when adding a purchase order to an invoice. This is in addition to the existing option of populating line items based on the data that is stored in the Purchase order.


Improvement: Download Option For BMD BuErf and DATEV Stapelformat ZIP Formats

It is now possible to not only export but also locally download invoices with the BMD BuErf and DATEV Stapelformat formats. Downloading the invoices means that they are not set as exported and can be further processed in Finmatics while exporting marks them as such and is the final step of processing an invoice in Finmatics.


Improvement: Public API Calculate Reverse Charge Tax Amounts

We have added a new parameter which allows the calculation of reverse charge tax codes on invoices where it is applicable. The parameter reverseTax can be used with the /documents endpoints.
Find out more about the Finmatics REST API here:


Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements

  • We have added a search function to the “Responsible User” function in the Clients Screen
  • We have fixed a small bug were the “trigger workflow” button was shown even if an invoice was already in a workflow

  • We have fixed a but that could make it impossible to get the controls for an invoice through the public API.