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Release Notes 23.12.22

23. December 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • Improvement: Upload order equals export order

  • Improvement: Total amounts based on item amounts

  • Improvement: Orientation detection of uploaded documents

  • Improvement: DATEV Token icon additional status “red”

  • Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements


Improvement: Upload Order Equals Export Order

We have made improvements to further ensure that the order of uploaded and scanned invoice is the same when exporting invoices. For the order to be correct it is important to export all invoices that should be in order. Exporting single invoices after each other will not guarantee that the order is kept after the transport to the ERP.


Improvement: Total Amounts Based On Item Amounts

We have improved how total amounts are populated while processing invoices. If the amounts detected by our OCR do not equal the item amounts added together then the detected amounts will be preferred and a warning will be shown that this amount does not equal the calculated one. This usually happens when a discount is calculated for the total amounts that is not part of the items.


Improvement: Orientation Detection of Uploaded Documents

We have further improved our orientation detection of documents. Documents that are uploaded or scanned rotated by 90°, 180° or 270° are now automatically corrected and rotated right side up by our system with a success rate of about 98%.


Improvement: DATEV Token Icon Additional Status “Red"

We have added a new status to the cloud icon regarding the DATEV token. The token will now change color to red if invoices are waiting to be exported but the token is missing or the available tokens do not include the specific client that has invoices ready to be exported.
The cloud will change to green if all clients are included in the tokens and all invoices can be exported.


Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Increased the amount of invoices that can be exported and downloaded in the background to 20.000
  • Improved the order of some invoice events in the invoice history to make them more clear

  • Improved some error messages when exporting and deleting exported invoices and made them more clear.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some sorting options for the table in the Trash screen to not work correctly

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the automatics counting option for BMD clients to not be visible in some cases

  • Fixed a display error for the company name in the Transfers screen

  • Added localisations


Mobile App v.2.5.2

It is now possible to search for individual clients by tapping on the magnifying glas in the top right corner.


Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements