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Release 22.10.21

20. October 2022 | Finmatics Updates

Upcoming Today

  • Improved: New Invoice history design

  • Improved: Show client number in front of client name

  • Improved: Tooltips for table actions

  • Improved: BMD - Cost Categories now show correct labels

  • API Endpoint: /partners/vatins for partners with multiple VATs

  • Bugfix: Screen jumps back to Overview after processing 20 Invoices

  • Bugfix: Comment field not populated with prediction

  • Bugfix: Finmatics can’t be used in Safari browser

Improvement: New Invoice History Design

We have redesigned our invoice history to improve the readability and structure of the content.
For example for the invoice controls the history now contains a structured table that contains what was checked, if that check was successful and what fields need to be checked if something is wrong.
All other history events were improved similarly with this update.



Improvement: Show Client Number in Front of Client Name

We have adapted the dropdown menus for selecting a client to show the client number followed by the name instead of the other way around. This makes it easier to find a specific client if there are multiple with similar names.


Improvement: Tooltips for Table Actions

We have added tooltips to the Icons of available table actions. The tooltip is shown when hovering over and action with the mouse.



Improvement: BMD - Cost Categories Now Show Correct Labels

We have added new translations for BMD Users. The former Cost Categories 3-5are now labled

  • Cost Category 3 is now Abteilung

  • Cost Category 4 is now Dimension

  • Cost Category 5 is now Geschäftsbereich

New API Endpoint: /partners/vatins for Partners With Multiple VATs

We have added a new endpoint which allows users to add multiple secondary VATs to partners.
These VATs are currently not used further in the system but can be populated already. Further functionality will follow soon!
To find out more please check out our documentation here:

Finmatics redoc - partner_vatins


Bugfix: Screen Jumps Back to Overview After Processing 20 Invoices

We have fixed a bug where the screen would jump back to the Overview screen after a user processed 20 invoices. This adaptation also means that the amount of invoices in the invoice detail screen now correctly shows the total amount instead of 20+.


Bugfix: Comment Field Not Populated With Prediction

We have fixed a bug that caused the comment field to not be populated with data that our system predicted for it.


Bugfix: Finmatics Can’t Be Used In Safari Browser

We have fixed a bug that caused Finmatics to not work with the Safari browser.
In general we would recommend using Google Chrome or another Chrome based browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge) for Finmatics.