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Release 22.10.07

6. October 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • Improved: User Preferences for Table Layouts Are Now Saved Cross Device

  • Improved: Added Filters and New Default Layout for Invoice Overview Screen

  • Bugfix: Invoice Viewer Menu Now Always Opens Correctly

  • Further Improvements and Bugfixes

Bugfix: Invoice Viewer Menu Not Clickable

We have fixed a long lasting bug where in some cases the invoice viewer menu which is used for actions like activating the ocr overlay and rotating the invoice etc. would not open anymore until the browser was fully refreshed.


Bugfix: Captured Invoice Items Are Not Ordered Correctly With Premium Feature

We have fixed a bug that caused line items to not be ordered correctly in the same way they are seen on the invoices in some cases with the premium feature line item capturing.


Improvement: Upload Of Masterdata With Longer Account Numbers

We have improved the possibilities to upload Masterdata like transactions and accounts to Finmatics for customers with account and partner numbers longer than 6 characters. We now allow accounts with a maximum of 8 characters and partners with a maximum of 9 characters. The account length can be set per client in the frontend.


Improvement: Added Period Filter and Changed Default Layout of Invoice Overview Screen

We have added the period filter to the invoice overview screen. It can be set through the filter icon besides the search bar and can also be added to the overview table through the gear icon on the right upper hand side. Additionally we have also adapted the default columns that are shown on the invoice overview screen to a more streamlined view.


Improvement: Save User Preferences for Table Layouts

We are now storing the user preferences for table layouts, meaning a user will have the same personalised settings like columns displayed and column order on every device they use finmatics with.


Bugfix: Browser Jumps Back to a Different Screen

We have fixed a bug where in some rare cases the frontend would jump back to a previous screen after certain steps were taken beforehand.


We have fixed a bug in the Transfers screen where when a user would search for a client in the search bar but not select any the upload dialog would be limited to the clients that fit what was searched before.