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Release 22.09.23

23. September 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • Improved VAT detection for Client Collectives

  • Improved DATEV Connect Online Notifications and Error Messages

  • Bugfixes, Improvements and Security Updates

Improvement: VAT Detection for Client Collectives

Following our resent improvements for the VAT detection for client collectives, we are now able to also calculate the exact discrepancy between all client VATs in a collective and set it accordingly to be more or less strict when determining which client an invoice should be assigned to.

Our Client Collective feature gives our customers the option to send invoices to one place from where they will automatically be assigned to the correct client based on name, address and VAT data.


Bugfix: Doubled OCR Text-Blocks After Auto-Image Rotation

We have fixed a bug where in some cases after an invoice was automatically rotated by our system the OCR Text-blocks would be displayed twice, once rotated and once fixed.


Bugfix: Text Not Displayed on Invoice

We have fixed an issue where In some rare cases a special font could cause an invoice to display no text in our frontend.


Bugfix: Export Fails if Many Invoices Are Selected

We have fixed an issue where in some cases the export of invoices would fail if a larger amount of invoices was marked for on export at once.