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Release 22.08.3

25. August 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • New Screen Design - Invoices Overview (Beta)
  • New Endpoint /validity
  • new Mobile App version
  • Improvements and Bug fixes

New Screen Design: Invoices-Overview Screen (Beta)

Following our already improved screens we have now redesigned our Invoices-Overview Screen.
It features improved performance, our new table design with improved UI and UX, more information about the status of Invoices, new and improved filter options and sorting and personalization of the overview table. The update will be rolled out to user step by step.



Improvement: Live updates - Transfers Screen

Because of a related issue we had to disable the automatic updates on the Transfers screen for a while.
We have now fixed the issue and activated the feature again.
The automatic updates include new uploads, state changes (capture, verify, exported) and also shows if an invoices is currently being worked on by someone.


Improvement: Transfers Screen for Accountant users

We are now also displaying the Transfers screen for Accountant users.
This allows them to look for invoices in different states more easily and access all invoices of one batch with a click.


Improvement: Simplified process for large VAT Return submissions

We have adapted the process for VAT Returns for larger submissions in order to make the process simpler and less confusing.


Improvement: Invoice deletion, restoration and Trash screen

We have improved the performance of our Trash screen. Deleted invoice can now be accessed and restored quicker.


New API Endpoint: /validity for cost_centers, cost_units, costCategoryId3-5 and CostKey

We have added a new endpoint /validity for cost dimensions. This endpoint allows api users to add timeframes in which these dimensions are valid.
Caution: This new endpoint replaces the validity of the previous cost dimension endpoints and allows multiple validities to be added.
Please read our documentation for more information:


Improvement: Added more fields to /e-invoices endpoint

We have added the itemLabel and all cost dimensions (costCategories and costKey) to the /e-invoices endpoint.


Get started Postman collection for API Users

We have added a small getting started Postman collection to our FAQ to make it easier for users who are new to our API. It can be found here: FAQ > Finmatics REST API?


Mobile App - Release

New Version: 2.3.9

Improvement: Verify multiple Invoices

It is now possible to verify multiple invoices at once.