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Release 22.08.1

11. August 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • New Feature - Exchange rate capturing
  • Bug fixes and improvements

New Feature: Exchange rate capturing

We have added our hook capturing logic for our new field exchange rate and will now be able to capture it from invoices. The more exchange rate data Finmatics processes the better this capturing will get.


Bugfix: Cost categories/Costkey show mixed up values

We have fixed an issue where in specific cases Cost category values could get mixed up between each other.


Improved: DATEV Meine Steuern logging

We have extended our export logging for DATEV Meine Steuern.
It will now show when an export and the connection to DATEV was started and when the export was successful or erroneous in the Invoice history.


Bugfix: Inconsistent amounts predicted

We have fixed an issue where in some specific cases the net, tax and gross amounts where predicted in such a way that they wouldn’t correctly add up.