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Release 22.07.2

22. July 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • New fields
  • New API options
  • New Invoices history events
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

Invoice History Event - QR Code Parsed

We have adapted our “QR code detected” event in the invoice history to properly reflect if the QR code data was parsed into our system or if it was an invalid/unknown format or caused an error


New field “exchange rate"

We have added a new field “exchange rate” on the document (header) level.
This field is used to gather the exchange rate that is written on the invoice itself.
It can also be added through our public API
Please read our Documentation for more information: Redoc - Documents


New Custom Control Severity “Info”

We have added a new severity option to our custom controls called “Info”. With this option neutral or success messages can be added to an invoice through our API.
With this there are now four custom control options that can be added to an invoice (please note that controls with the severity “none” are not visible to users in the frontend).
Please read our Documentation for more information: Redoc - Custom Controls

Here is an example of all the options shown in the frontend:Release 22.07.2. Severity Info

Expansion of Field “references"

We have expanded the new field “references”. It is now also available in the frontend.
References can be added purchase order items for further information like transport numbers etc.
Please read our Documentation for more information: Redoc - Purchase Orders


DATEV - Token and Error Handling Improvement

We have improved our handling of DATEV Token visibility for users who created the token and further improved our error handling in case something goes wrong while creating a Token


DATEV - Stapelformat Export to Finmatics SFTP

We have expanded our export options for the DATEV Stapelformat.
It is now possible to export invoices as DATEV Stapelformat to our SFTP Server from where the invoices can be picked up by our customers.


Option Booking Date = Invoice Date

We have added an option to automatically set the booking date to the same value as the invoice date while still allowing the option to change it manually.
This option can be configured by our Tech-Support.


Partner Banks Upload Without Currency

We have removed the requirement to add a currency when uploading a partner bank through our public api
Please read our Documentation for more information: Redoc - Partner Banks