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Release 22.03.4

Finmatics Updates 31 March 2022, 09:03
  • New OCR Service
  • UX Improvements
  • SAP IDOC Interface Improvements
  • New App Feature - Workflow Pause
  • Bug Fixes

New OCR Service - Upgrade from Tesseract 4 to Tesseract 5 (Beta)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the basis for the accurate processing of scanned documents. We have improved the performance and accuracy of our OCR service by upgrading from Tesseract 4 to Tesseract 5. Roll out to all customers in the next couple of weeks. We are currently improving the OCR service by adding additional pre-processing and OCR tuning options.


SAP IDoc Interface - Sync Business Partners to Multiple Clients

Improvement of SAP IDoc interface for master data sync via CREMAS IDoc. You can now sync business partners from one CREMAS file to multiple clients in Finmatics. For example, if an IDoc with one party that relates to two clients is synced, then the party will be created for both clients correctly. The sync is customizable and can be adapted by our support.


Table UI Improvement - Adaptable Column Width

You can now adapt the width of every column for the “archive”, “users”, and “trash” screens.


Replaced “Feedback” Option with “Support E-Mail"

You can click on “Support E-Mail” to contact support. Your Mail creates a ticket in our ticketing systems and will be processed according to our SLAs.

 support E-Mail

Bug Fixes - IBAN Processing, DATEV Interfaces

We have fixed a few bugs related to IBAN processing, party banks and DATEV Interfaces.


Finmatics mobile App Version 2.3.3

New Feature - Workflow Pause

We have added the option to set a due date for workflow tasks. This can be used if for example more information regarding an invoice is needed before the task can be completed. If a due date is set for a task, that task is paused until then but can be completed at any time in between as well.

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App Bug fixes - Item Labels, Displaying of Description and Title

We have fixed a few bugs related to the item labels that are shown on invoices and how the description and title are displayed.