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Release 22.03.0

Finmatics Updates 3 March 2022, 09:03
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Improved Document History
  • Bug fixes

Security - 2FA – Two Factor Authentication

After our Beta Test we are now activating the 2FA option for all our users.
It can be enabled through the “Account” Settings in our Frontend and can be used with Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator.

Two factor authentication greatly increases access security compared to using only a standard login with a password. You can read more about it here: Multi-factor authentication

Document History – Added upload events

An “upload” event was added to the invoice history which shows when and how an invoice was uploaded to Finmatics.


Document History – More information for individual events

We have added the option to expand an invoice event to view detailed information about it. 


API - Error Messages

We updated some error messages when posting to our API to be more clear.


Deprecated two old booking types

We are deprecating the creation of “Bank mit OPOS” and “EÜR Rechner Bank” processes for all users. Existing processes are not effected and can be used just like before.