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Release 21.12.2

Finmatics Updates 22 December 2021, 09:12
  • Added prediction logic for external Users

  • Scan & Separate improvements

  • Search improvements

New features:

  • Added Prediction logic for external User

    We have expanded our prediction logic so it is configurable and now also includes the “external user”.


Improvements / Changes:

  • Search improvements

    We are currently looking into our search functions and improving the experience step by step to make searching more intuitive and increase the speed when looking for things!
    In a first step, we improved the search within our Finmatics mobile App.

  • Updated Public API Documentation

    It will soon be one year since we changed our name to Finmatics so we thought we finally need to take the time and update our Public API documentation.

    • Changed all Abacus references to Finmatics.

    • Added specific documentation for “line items” within “Document Processing”

    • Minor Changes

  • Scan & Separate Screen improvements

    Continuing our progress on the UX/UI improvements we are happy to be able to release the new Scan & Separate Screen design.

    • Similar to the Workflow Screen we are now using a much smoother layout that enables our users to be more productive.

    • There are now many convenience features like

      • The Table can now be customized to the user's needs with different columns and sorting

      • Filters that allow users to choose whether they would like to see done and/or to do tasks

      • a new search bar

      • the possibility to change how many tasks should be shown per page.

    • To make things even quicker users can use bulk actions to complete multiple tasks at once.
      This includes

      • Bulk Split
        Splitting multiple Invoices after each other (all selected invoices will be loaded one after another and can be split without clicking each one individually).

      • Bulk confirm/export
        Confirming and exporting multiple invoices at the same time.

      • Bulk delete
        Delete multiple invoices at the same time.

    • Additionally, we also made some performance tweaks, that should especially make navigating back and forth between pages that were loaded once quicker.


Bug fixes:

  • BMD Export Issue

    An issue on our side caused the export for most of our BMD customers to break.
    This has been fixed and everything is restored to working order.

  • Front End Error “Not Found - The requested resource was not found on this server”

    Some of our Users ran into an issue where they couldn’t approve invoices because of a dubious error that happened when adding a label.
    This has been fixed and everything is restored to working order.