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Release Notes 11.12.22

9. December 2022 | Finmatics Updates
  • Improvement: Allow synchronisation of individual DATEV clients

  • Improvement: Allow any user to be assigned as responsible for a client

  • Improvement: Allow multi-file-upload to Masterdata and transactions

  • Bugfix: Creation of many clients with very similar long names not possible.

  • Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements


Improvement: Allow Synchronisation of Individual DATEV Clients

It is now possible to synchronise individual clients with DATEV instead of always snychronising all clients from DATEV.
In order to synchronise one or more but not all clients. On the clients screen mark all clients that should be synchronised from DATEV. The “Sync DATEV Clients” Button will be greyed out and a refresh Icon will appear in the tools bar on the top right. Clicking this button will synchronise the selected clients.




Improvement: Allow Any User to Be Assigned as Responsible for a Client

We now allow any user independent of their permissions to be assigned to receive e-mails for a client.
This allows greater flexibility in who can be responsible for a client in Finmatics.
Find out more about how to assign a user as responsible for a client here.


Improvement: Allow Multi-File-Upload to Masterdata and Transactions

We have added the possibility to upload multiple files for

  • journal/trainingsdata

  • partners

  • glAccounts

  • cost center

  • cost unit

in the Client Screen.
This immensely accelerates the process of uploading master- and trainings-data.




Bugfix: Creation of Many Clients With Very Similar Long Names Not Possible

We have fixed a bug that made it impossible to create a large number (10+) of clients with very long and similar names.

Smaller Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Added the DELETE Method to the prediction_phrases endpoint More information about our Public REST API can be found here.
  • Added the option to use a regex with the prediction_phrases endpoint in our public API

  • We have extended the amount of fields that can be added to the BMD BuErf export

  • Fixed a bug that could cause newly invited users to not be selectable in a workflow