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Release 21.12.0.

Finmatics Updates 8 December 2021, 09:12
  • Workflow Screen redesign

  • Possibility to save subject line an E-Mail text for invoices sent via E-Mail

New features:

  • Save Subject line and E-Mail Text

    Many of our customers send their invoices to a dedicated inbox to then process them with Finmatics.
    Sometimes there is important information in those e-mails apart from the invoice itself.
    That’s why we have added the possibility to extract Data from the subject line or the e-mail text itself.
    This will allow us to add IDs or comments to your invoices that may not be on the invoice directly but are still important for further processing.
    Here are some examples:

    • Some invoice types need to be vetted more thourougly, for those more input is often added in the e-mail text. We are now able to add this information as a comment to the invoice.

    • Some of our customers send invoices from one system to finmatics and then export them to another system. With this feature we are now able to hand over an id or an external reference from the system before finmatics all the way to the system after finmatics the id is provided in the e-mail text or subject line.


Improvements / Changes:

  • Workflow Screen redesign

    We are currently taking a strong look at our UX/UI and found a lot of things that we could improve in order to make Finmatics an even better platform to use.
    One of our first big improvements is the Workflow Screen.

    • The old accordion style view didn’t offer the space needed to work. This has been replaced by a much nicer Tab style where it is immediately visible how many tasks need to be done and in which state they are in the workflow. This means users can now better focus on the tasks and hand and can easily switch to the tab that they need to work on.

    • There are now many convenience features like

      • Filters that can be specified and sorted to suit the users needs,

      • a new search bar to look for tasks in the workflow and

      • the possibility to change how many invoices should be shown per page.

    • To make things even quicker users can now confirm, reject invoices directly in the list view of the workflow screen. This can be done either per invoice or as a bulk action, meaning many invoices can be handled at once.

    • Additionally we also made some performance tweaks, that should especially make navigating back and forth between pages that were loaded once quicker.



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed translation errors

    We fixed some errors and added some missing translations to the frontend for the Slovak version.